Oshin Episode 4/5/6|Deep snow hometown


This is a detailed story of the drama “Oshin”, the 4th and 5th and 6th episode.

Up to the last time, Oshin started a journey to Yamagata, where she was born. Her grandchild  go on a trip with her.  From this time, young Oshin appear.


Oshin Episode 4

The next morning, Oshin borrowed boots and work pants from the hotel. And she wore them and went again to her destination with Kei, grandchild by taxi.

The snow was deep, so she walked from the middle.  In the end, Kei carried Oshin to their destination. There were several waste houses where Oshin lived in her childhood. She saw it and shed tears.

In the hotel room at night, Oshin said to Kei, ” Thank you. If you hadn’t been, I couldn’t go to the destination.” Kei said, “I am glad to see my grandmother’s hometown. But you don’t have to come out on the snow.“

Said Oshin. ”The memories of people grew up in a mountain in Yamagata are all snowy.” “I still have many places I want to go. You‘ll return tomorrow.” Said Kei, “I shall follow you, I’m in the spring break of college.”

Oshin explained why she had run away from home. “I want to look back on my way of life and remember the most important things.” ”Hitoshi emphasizes only the profit in business. I don’t think it’s good. I think my way of working was wrong.”


Oshin remembered the past.

Oshin Episode 5

Oshin was born in a village near the Mogami River in Yamagata prefecture in 1901. Her parents were extremely poor farmers. The house was cold with gusts of air, but she was warm because she lived with nine families.

When Oshin was six years old, her 10th sister and her 8th sister were already working. At that time, the peasant borrowed the land from the landowner to grow rice. And half the harvested rice was paid to the landlord as a tenant fee. And the peasant lived in the remaining rice, but soon after the poor rice crop, food ran out.

So parents had to work with their children in order to reduce the number of people living at home because of the lack of food. It was a matter of course for poor farmers.

In Oshin‘s house there were two or three years of heinous harvests. The rice was diluted with radish. Oshin‘s grandmother was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. She lamented, “If I could work,”

Oshin’s sisters had returned home on vacation. Oshin told her sister, “I’m going to school in April.” At that time, she didn’t know what it was like to be poor.

The parents worked on farms during the day, made straw sandal at night, and baked charcoal in winter. Grandmother was weaved cloth. They were busy working all year round. But before the summer, rice was run short. When they have damage from cold weather, the parents borrowed money from the landowner. And it was a burden for them to have children one after another.

However, Oshin wasn’t very difficult. Because she was used to poverty and had the love of her parents and grandmother.

Oshin realized the poverty of her house for the first time in six years.

Father told Oshin. “You must work as a babysitter in a lumberer. “  Oshin cried ”I don‘t want to go to work.”  Father said angrily. “We don’t have any more rice to feed by Oshin. Your sisters are also working.“

Oshin’s mother asked her husband to think it over that night. But he merely said we had a baby and there wasn’t enough food.

Oshin Episode 6

One day, Oshin caught fish in the river, but the children in the neighborhood scrambled for fish and fell into the snowy river.

Oshin explained the reason to her mother at home. “I wanted my grandmother to eat fish. Grandmother can’t eat food because she’s sick, but I thought she’d eat fish.“   When grandmother heard it, she cried outside.

Oshin thought that it was because of illness  her grandmother didn’t eat anything. But the reason grandmother didn’t eat was to oppose making Oshin work and to divide food among her grandchildren. Oshin noticed about it from mother and grandmother’s conversation.

Grandmother said, “I am useless.“ Oshin hurt her heart. And for the first time, she realized the house was in need.

One evening, mother didn’t come back. Oshin went looking for mother. Mother was sitting in the cold river. Oshin went out to call someone, and the villagers pulled mother out of the river.

Grandmother cared for mother.  father said to his wife, “Shame on you.” said mother, “I feel sorry for the baby to be born poor like ours.“

Said Oshin, “I go out to work. If I’m not here, grandmother can eat.”  Father said, “Please patience for a year. If rice is harvested this year, our lives will be a little easier.” Oshin’s mother cried.

The next day, a broker placed a straw rice bag as Nobuko’s salary.